::.. Welcome to FV Childrens Home ..::
::.. Welcome to FV Childrens Home ..::

Faith & Vision Childrens Home is a voluntary organisation established in the year 1972. Registered under Govt of A.P societies Act XXI of 1860. NO 28/75. The home is situated at Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Started by late Mr Azariah with aim to make better
cititzens of the under priveleged childrens, who otherwise could have lost their child hood to poverty and misery.

Started with 49 inmates. Mr Azariah seeded Faith & Vision against all odds. Not because of his financially standing but because of a single desire to serve and build the lifes of atleast few amongst many distressed children.

FVCH started growing leaps and bounds but not without its share of crisis and practical problems. But with the

blessings from and moral support from few individuals which we treat as our strength. For over 32 years now, FVCH has been home for many such LITTLE children who are now part of mainstream society leading a decent life.

FVCH has been working towards the development of children and youth. FVCH works towards
  • Rehabilitation of youth and children on the streets
  • Providing primary education to children in slums
  • Campaigning for the rights of children in schools
  • Motivating domestic child workers towards education
  • Empowering youth and children in slums

Two separate dormitories / accommodations for boys and girls with separate dining halls but single kitchen

Girls dorm area of floor – about 7000 sft
Boys dorm area of floor – about 9000 sft
Vocational Training centre – 20000 sft

Dear Sir,

We are running an organization, Called Faith &Vision Children’s Home, It is registered under Indian Society Act of 1860, IT Acts of 12(A), 80(G) and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act(FCRA) of India. We are working in the fields of Health, Education , women and child welfare, Environment  and related activities. We are interested to work along with you as your partner in helping the destitute children in India.  Kindly inform us possibility and feasibility in this regard.I am herewith attaching a brief profile of our organization for your information.

With warm regards
Mr.David Sudhakar

                                               ORGANISATION PROFILE

Name of the Organisation               :FAITH&VISION CHILDREN’S HOME(FVCH)

Date of Establishment                    :  24th day of December,1984

Registered Office                           : D.No.2-2/1-75,
                                                              BROMLEY COMPOUND
                                                              A.P., INDIA 
                                                              Ph.No. 08814-278090
                                                              Mobile: 093466 10798
                                                              Fax: 08814-278090 
                                                              Email: fandvchildrenhome@yahoo.co.in
                                                              Website: http://www.fvchome.org

Legal Entity                                    1. Registered under the Societies 
                                                           Registration Act.1860, Regd.No.387/84
                                                        2. Registered under Foreign Regulation 
                                                           Contribution Regulation Act.1976
                                                           FCRA No.010180030
                                                        3. Registered U/s 12(A) and exemption U/s 
                                                           80(G) of Income Tax Act.1961.

PAN Number                                    :  AAAAF0561C

Chief Executive Authority               : David Sudhakar Bula,Director

Bank Particulars:  
FCRA Account                               : State Bank of India
                                                           Main Branch,
                                                           Main Road
                                                           A/c.No. 10664077429

 Local Account                              : Vijaya Bank
                                                          Main Road,
                                                          A/c. No. Current                                                           A/c.No.481                                          
List of Executive Committee         Mr.Samuel John                                Director

                                                          Mrs.Sarala Vinoda                            Jt.Director

                                                            Mr.David Sudhakar                         Secretary 

                                                            Mr.Joseph Sunder                           Member     

                                                            Mrs.V.Mary                                       Member

                                                            Mrs.G.Esther Swarna                       Member

                                                           Mr.Kumar Raj                                    Member

Aims and Objectives :
Faith &Vision Children’s Home( FVCH)  is a Voluntary Organisation situated in the  Small Town Narsapur,West Godavari District,  Andhra Pradesh, India. It is registered under the  Societies Registration Act and Foreign Contributions  Regulation Act (FCRA). It has been working for the all round development of the poor, the destitute, disadvantaged children and women since 1984. The FVCH is established with main objective  of providing the general welfare to the needy people particularly children, Women,old age,  socially handicapped people. It is also aimed at providing adequate medical assistance and educational facilities for the poorer section of the society. Apart from these activities, the society is primarily concentrating on creating awareness of the dangers posing to the society  by the past spreading of AIDS, TB,Cancer, Malaria,  Diabetes and several other viral and bacterial diseases. It is also directed towards providing free medical counseling and aid to the needy and helpless section of the society. It is also interested to take up the social problem of drug and alcoholism. In addition to these human welfare activities, The other  important objective is to plan the programmes related to environmental  conservation. In nutshell the FVCH is interested to achieve general welfare by involving in all such activities  which are of help to fulfill its objectives.

Present Activities:
                                              #Orphanage services
                                              #Widow pensions                          
                                              # Vocational trainingProgrammes for poor women                                                          #  HIV/AIDS awareness camps                                     
                                              #  Health awareness camps
                                              #  Cultural activities 
                                              #Relief Aid Distribution During Natural  Calamities                       

Future Plans                          # Nutrition & Child health Programmes                
                                              # TB and cancer awareness camps                  
                                              # Road Safety Programmes            
                                              # Awareness camps on Leprosy  
                                              #  Adolescent empowerment camp          
                                              #  Environment Awareness Program
                                              #  Water conservation program
                                              #  Farmers training camps

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