::.. Welcome to FV Childrens Home ..::
::.. Welcome to FV Childrens Home ..::

In 1972 with the strength of 49 inmates. Today it can boast of providing the shelter and direction to several hundred people who have become extremely successful in varied careers and fields like teachers, editors, govt employees, Businessmen, Accountants, Computer Professionals,
Social Workers… Some of our early students are as old as 40 years today.

We have 75(boys & girls) children. Their educational ranges from 1st standard to University levels. They are also given exclusive lessons in vocational training courses like typing, sewing and handicrafts. So that they can equip themselves to win their own bread when they leave us. We also want to include courses like Computers, Automobile workshop, Electronics & Air conditioning and Refrigerator repairs. Please prey and lend your hand too.

FVCH helps children at risk or in care, vulnerable young people and families under pressure.
Foster Family Care
Foster care is a program designed to provide temporary parenting to children who have been removed from the home of their biological parents due to abuse, abandonment or neglect.

Foster care offers children and young people who cannot live at home the chance to live with a family. Although counselors work to resolve issues and maintain children in their homes with their own families, in many cases, the problems can’t be solved and the children must leave their homes and be placed in foster care to ensure their safety and well-being.Right from the start, foster parents understand that their unique and important role is to care for a child, knowing that a child may be returned to their birth family, or relatives.

Foster families receive a daily board rate for each child in their care, and Medicaid covers almost all of the children’s medical expenses. Foster families can care for a child for a single day, several weeks or months, or several years.

foster care projects and shared care services linking disabled children with part-time home-based careers

School Education is one most concentrated effort at FVCH, where we consider knowledge as power, This alone can bring about the drastic changes in any individuals life.

Residents have age range of 4-22 years
  • Primary school students – 70-90 (4-10)
  • High School Students – 100-120(10-16)
  • College Students – 30-40(16-22)
Ratio between girl and boy residents is 50:50

Vocational Training
  • Sewing

  • Lace Making

  • Type Writing

  • Planning on computer training

  • Farming

  • Gardening and many more.


Throughout its history, volunteers have provided services from mentoring children to maintaining property to fundraising. From direct work with the children to indirect work with the auxiliaries and Board, volunteers are the reason for our success.

Every year, hundreds of dedicated men and women volunteer their time, knowledge and talents to the FVCH and the families it serves. Most do so with little public recognition, but with the great satisfaction of knowing that they made a difference in the life of a child.

Child and Family Counseling
Counseling services through FVCH are open to the public for any child, family, and/or unwed mother. Our counseling programs include, but are not limited to, individual, family, and group counseling as well as post-adoption counseling. These programs and services are rendered by qualified FVCH staff at no cost to the recipients.

In the effort to enhance the capacity of families to be safe and nurturing places for children, FVCH professionals

offer counseling services in a variety of settings to children and families who face a variety of problems—problems that may affect a child’s ability to succeed in school or parents’ capacity to manage their household and provide guidance for their children. Counseling can help families build on their strengths and deal with their difficulties.

Youth services:
Youth services leaving care and youth homelessness projects, youth justice projects and Children's Fund programmes working with 5-13 year olds to prevent social exclusion

Residential care: residential family centres that help families in crisis, and residential homes for children who are severely disabled or have profound emotional and/or behavioural difficulties.

When family crisis prevents a child from remaining in his/her home or with other family members, FVCH accepts children into its residential care program without cost to the family or guardian.

Children in residential care attend public schools and local churches. In each home, devotions before school and at bedtime remind the children of God's love and presence in their lives. Children are encouraged to participate in activities at school and at church with their peers. Spiritual, emotional, and academic guidance are provided on-site by the FVCH.
Other Activates:
Relief Aid
Health Awareness campaign

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